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Equipment: Wet Glue Labelling
Equipment Type: Metering Equipment
Unit Type:
Technical Parameters:
Post Time: 2010-06-01
Main Features: Very Simple operation allows easy access for adjustment. Large Label Box and Gluing Pump ensures un-interupted labelling operation. Minimum Change Parts and easy Changeover system. Complete Stainless Steel Finish. Suitable for Wrap-around and Overlap Labelling. Ease of height adjustment of glue and edge to edge gluing of long labels ensure perfect labelling. Flame Proof Version available on request.
Description: Automatic Labeling Machine Mode AHL-125 for Bottles Cans and Round Containers. BHAVANI Model AHL-125 now fulfills the need of a perfect Labeling Machine for Large Sized Labels for round Containers, of particularly Food, Beverages and Agro-Chemical Industries. Resulting from decades of experience in manufacture of Labeling Machines for the Pharmaceutical & Allied Industries, Bhavani introduced robustly constructed & engineered labeling machine for smooth performance for Large sized Labels & Round Containers. The machine ensures perfect labeling to enhance your critical packaging requirement. An addition of a Glue Pump and a Large Label Magazine allows better utilisation of operator''s attention for the labelling quality. The Speciality of the AHL-125 is its adaptability to suit the requirements of bigger product pack size of Pesticides, Food, Beverage, Chemical and Cosmetics industries.
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