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Equipment: Aluminium/Flipp Off and ROPP Cap Sealing Machine
Equipment Type: Heat-Transfer Equipment -> Radiator
Unit Type:
Technical Parameters:
Post Time: 2010-06-01
Main Features: SPECIAL FEATURES: Fully Stainless Steel Finish to avoid corrosion and and easy for cleaning. Variable Speed Drive system to match the entire line. Synchronized operation of Star Wheel,Sealing Head and Conveyor Belt INPUT/ OUTPUT SPECIFICATIONS OF AHCS-150R/250R ROPP CAP SEALING MACHINE MODEL BOTTLE DIAMETER BOTTLE HEIGHT CAP DIAMETER MAX. OUTPUT AHCS-150R 30 mm to 90 mm 45 mm to 300 mm 20 mm to 38 mm 150 per/min AHCS-250R 30 mm to 90 mm 45 mm to 300 mm 20 mm to 38 mm 250 per/min AHCS-60R* 22 mm to 85 mm 50 mm to 300 mm 20 mm to 53 mm (with the help of change parts) 60 per/min * Single head automatic online ROPP cap sealing machine
Description: AHCS-250R Fully Automatic Four heads and Eight heads ROPP Cap Sealing Machine. Machines suitable for Liquid or Dry Powder line with output of 150 and 250 Bottles Per Minute.
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